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Volume 2 of The Red Wolf Chronicles

Paperback available now. eBook available soon

A Flame Worth the Candle

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About A flame Worth the Candle

"The loves we cannot have are the ones that never die."

The second volume of the Red Wolf Chronicles begins only six weeks after the end of Rolling in the Deep. Sam and Diane are together but haunted by the disappearance of two loved ones. The first is a best friend, torn away from them by a federal witness program. The second, Diane's sister, has been missing for six years. Is she alive or a corpse at the bottom of Red Wolf Lake? Will solving her riddle prove fatal? Can a family curse be put to rest? In this story of heroism and sacrifice, Sam and Diane are swept to a place where nothing is guaranteed and everything is at stake.

 Volume 1 of the Red wolf chronicles


Now Available from Open Books. Print version and eBook now shipping.
The Story behind the story: Rolling in the Deep

When I was seventeen, on one summers night, I destroyed a quarter million dollars worth of field corn and triple that amount in farm equipment.

So begins my first novel, set on Noquebay Resort in Northern Wisconsin. It's the story of three teenagers, one ruthlessly powerful small-town family, and a dead body at the bottom of Red Wolf Lake. Sam Robel is the voice of the novel. To protect the guilty, including himself, from prosecution, he has had to wait seven years to tell his story. Whoever wrote the Statute of Limitations, Sam is a fan. Breaking and entering turns out to be the smallest of his crimes, and what he took the least of his discoveries.  Who is really at the bottom of the lake, and what other secrets does it hold?

Once upon a time, I grew up on a resort much like the one described in my book. Since then I have graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, received a Medical Degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and practiced Internal Medicine for forty years. I have six children and live in Wisconsin with my wife.

Dedication: To my parents. And to the Kids of East End Resort. There were
     ten of us living there. Jeff and Mick have passed but are not forgotten.

Dedication: for Barb
My Books

Here's a link to an interview I did with my publisher, Open Books, in conjunction with the release of my novel now available online (see above),, and at many of you favorite online vendors including Amazon, Apple, Target, and many others:

Open Books has just dropped an excerpt from my novel. Click HERE for the link.

Feedback from some of my Readers:

Finished the Book! Oh my! <3  I.S.

You girls are in for a treat. Read mine yesterday. Really enjoyed it.  D.R.Z.

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